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Benefits Of Our Dryer Vent And Duct Cleaning Services

Don't let this

...turn into this.

• Reduce fire hazards

• Increase Efficiency

• Shorter Drying Time

• Reduce Utility Costs

• Extend Life of Dryer

• Eliminate Mold Growth

• Prevent Carbon Monoxide

Before your dryer vent becomes full of lint and causes a fire, have them cleaned, repaired or replaced by All Island Dryer Vent Solutions. It could mean the difference between life and death. 

Signs that Your Vents and Ducts Need Cleaning:

• Increased Drying Time

• Overheated Dryer

• Clothes Not Completely Dry 

• Warnings Alerts On Dryer

• Dryer Stops Working

• No Lint On The Screen

• No Lint On Trap

• Lint On Wrong Side Of Screen

• Lint Backing Up In Dryer

• Lint Left Behind On Clothing

• Lint Around Door Seal

• Mold Or Mildew Smell

A potential fire is just one hazard of not cleaning dryer vents and ducts.

Water needs to fully exit the system but when lint gets trapped in the vents, moisture builds up and causes mold to grow. Even deadly carbon monoxide can back up into your home or business. Exhaust fume blockages pose a serious health risk. Have your system cleaned properly with All Island Dryer Vent Solutions and avoid contaminating your system and your home. 

Clothes dryer vents run like a motor vehicle.

Better airflow means more power. Filters on a motor vehicle are all checked and replaced to keep everything flowing easily out to the exhaust pipe. Clothes dryers work the same way. A closed or restricted vent will reduce this air flow, cost you more in electricity or even clog, causing a fire.

Pet hair is a huge fire hazard so have your dryer vents cleaned regularly.

Many people own pets but these lovable family members shed and are to blame for being a large cause of clogged vents. To avoid letting your dryer vent to clog with lint and debris or a potential fire hazard, pet owners should have their dryer vent cleaned more frequently, probably every six months.

Clothing and linens last longer when your dryer vents are clean.

A clogged vent causes a clothes dryer to run much hotter than usual. This can burn the fibers of your clothing causing damage. A clogged vent can also cause a dryer to take longer to dry your clothing. This extra time in tumbling also damages your clothing. By having your vents cleaned by All Island Dryer Vent Solutions, airflow will be restored and your clothing and linens will stay looking great.

If it's not running well, it could be your vents, not you'r dryer.

Often, a thorough cleaning of the dryer vent system is what is needed to get your dryer back to working at normal performance. A mechanical issue may not be the reason that a dryer loses power, but a build up of lint and debris in the vents or ducts.

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