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Our Dryer Vent Cleaning Technicians

All Island Dryer Vent Solutions technicians are trained and experienced in both troubleshooting issues and the repair and installation process for both new and replacement dryer ventilation systems. 


We examine and verify that the venting system is fabricated of the correct material and size. For example, plastic flammable ducts should be replaced with metal non-flammable ducts. If a system needs repairing or replacing, all of the materials we use are approved by federal, state, and local requirements and recommendations. We also check that the vent system is installed correctly. Longer systems with many turns collect more lint and animals debris and need to addressed properly.

The Flow Of Your Dryer Vent Will Be A Smooth Operation.

The vents and ducts that we install are made of metal that have a smooth interior. This allows lint to easily flow through the system and out to the endpoint. All of materials we use are approved by the Consumer Product Safety Commission and The National Fire Protection Association. 

Making It To The End Of The Dryer Vent Finish Line.

Your system may need a boost. If lint has to travel further than 25 feet, a booster fan may need to be installed around the mid-way point to help it along to the end of the line. Since lint is moving through the fan, it too will eventually develop build up. Booster fans are always cleaned during your service. We inspect and clean the fan and all it's mechanical components so that there is sufficient airflow which allows the fan to operate at maximum efficiency.

Your Entire Dryer Venting Systems Is A "Go".

Upon inspecting, cleaning, or installing, your dryer vent or duct system will be fire hazard free and safe for regular use again. All Island Dryer Vent Solutions tests all components for proper functionality and will schedule your next inspection and cleaning appointment.

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