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Not Just Dryer Vent Cleaning On Long Island

Any of these washing machine components can cause a flood.

Washing machine parts like hoses, fittings, switches, clamps and other internal and external components can become faulty and cause a flood. Have a FloodStop automatic water shut-off valve system installed at your home or business by All Island. Black rubber washing machine hoses are notorious for leaking and bursting causing major flooding. If you have black rubber hoses, call All Island today and we will inspect and replace them with braided stainless hoses.

Prevent Washing Machines Leaks And Repairs. Get A FloodStop Auto Shut-Off Kit.

You’ll be safe with an automatic sensor and valve shut off kit installed by All Island.


Once water touches the sensor, the water valve automatically closes. It can even detect water on the floor. The unit then sounds an alarm and stays closed until the sensors are dried and the reset button is pressed. They can help protect against broken lines, bursting lines and failure of internal components of your plumbing fixture. In case you are out of town, it will establish instant communication through text messaging, email alerts or even home automation and alarm systems.

A faulty washing machine can leak over 500 gallons of water in just one hour. Avoid potential flood damage and mold growth with a FloodStop system today. This is the best defense against washing machine leaks.

Detect and prevent water leaks all around your home or office.

At the first signs of leaks, freezes, or excess humidity, a Wi-Fi leak & freeze detector supplied and installed by All Island can alert your smartphone and avoid property damage. They are placed near potential trouble spots like the sump pumps, water heaters, washers and underneath sinks. We connect it to your home Wi-Fi network so that if a leak is detected or a pipe begins to freeze, you will be alerted wherever you are. In addition to an alert to your phone, a buzzer will also sound to notify you. Additional cables can be also be added to extend the sensor length to 500ft. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Police your water sources with WaterCop.

WaterCop is an automatic whole house water shut-off system that protects many areas of your home or office. It gives you 24/7 peace of mind against potential water leaks, major flooding and mold damage. WaterCop can even protect against frozen pipes.

When leaking water comes in contact with any of the sensors place around your home, a wireless alert is sent to the WaterCop causing the main home water valve to close. Water flow is quickly cutoff to all areas of the home and any leaking water is stopped.

WaterCop can be installed hard-wired or wireless. It can even be integrated with your your security or automation systems. You may even qualify for insurance discounts.

WaterCop can be installed on:


• Washing Machines

• Sinks

• Water Heaters

• Toilets

• Dishwashers

• Refrigerators

• Spigots

All structures can use WaterCop:

• Apartment Buildings

• Private Homes

• Condo/Co-Op Buildings

• Senior Living Centers

• Office Buildings

• Dormitories

• Laundry businesses

Insure your business or property with total assurance.

Laundromats, condo buildings or any other type of business or facility that uses washing machines should all be equipped with automatic water detection and prevention. Commercial washing machines are often overworked and not inspected as much as they should be. Protect your property or business from potential washer leaks and flood damage. Call All Island today to schedule an appointment.

Leaking down to the ground.

Washing machine leak damages are more extensive when they are located in upstairs laundry rooms and apartments. So talk to your building managers and neighbors about having a leak prevention system installed by All Island.

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