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Many different items have been found in dryer duct vent systems. You wouldn't believe what can cause dryer vent and duct problems. 

What you can find in your dryer vents and ducts if not cleaned can drive you nuts.

We've Seen Many Dryer Vent Issues On Long Island

What can be found in your dryer vent system:

• Clothing

• Dryer sheets

• Nuts Shells

• Bird & Rodent Nests

• Hardware & Tools

• And More

What we look for when cleaning your dryer vents:

• Lesser Quality Materials Used

• Makeshift Repairs

• Abundance Of Lint Build-Up

• Kinked Rippled Foil Vents

• Sludge Caused By Moisture

• Inadequate Configurations

Birds, squirrels, and mice love to nest in dryer vents, so keep them clean. 

Don’t be surprised if you find droppings, egg shells or birds nests twigs. Also, look for visible lint on the vent. Old vents should be replaced by All Island with pest-proof end caps.

Your clothes dryers may be taking you to the cleaners.

There are many findings that can cause a dryer to have to work harder to dry clothes. We perform all the necessary procedures to find the problem. Get your dryers running smoothly and avoid potential fires, property damage and increased utility bills with All Island Dryer Vent Solutions.

Troubleshooting dryer and vent problems is not a DIY project. 

Working with electric or gas is very dangerous and should only be handled by a trained technician. Have your dryer vent system checked, cleaned and repaired by All Island Dryer Vent Solutions.

If your dryer vent hose looks like this, then you need to call us right away.

Foil and white flexible duct hoses are NOT to code and are very thin and flammable. All the bends and twist only serve to catch lint and accelerate clogging. These types of vent hoses are completely inadequate and need to be replaced right away. These cheap materials are used by inferior contractors who cut corners or don’t know any better in an effort to complete your job and leave as quickly as possible. These  flimsy hoses put your home at risk for a fire. Schedule an appointment for one of our highly trained technicians to inspect clean and replace faulty items today. We will ALWAYS advise you of the best corrective course of action. Call All Island Dryer Vent Solutions today. It could save your life!

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