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Your Dryer Is Taking A Beating Because The Vents Aren't Clean.

A dryer works by forcing hot air through your clothes causing steam and moisture to exit through the dryer vent. The more your dryer vents build up with lint, moisture and other debris, the harder your dryer has to work to rid of this water and lint. This will cause your dryer to perform inefficiently and cost more money on your electric bill.


Contact All Island Dryer Vent Solutions and see what's causing your dryer to lose it's battle. Not having your vents and ducts cleaned can hurt your dryer even cause it to seize up.

When Cleaning Your Dryer Vents, We Perform The Right Tests.

Tests we perform on your drying vent system include measuring back-pressure, airflow and temperature of the unit. We also inspect lint traps, joint connections and the termination point. We will also check and inspect all accessible heater elements, burners, electrical components and connections and advise you of our findings. We always guarantee our service.

Through & Through Vent Cleaning, From The Dryer To The End Cap.

Dryer vents are cleaned by both using the forced air of the dryer itself and by a sending a spinning 4 inch wire brush through the entire system. This ensures a clean, lint and debris free system which is then checked for proper functionality.

When The Dryer Vent Is Clean, Then It's Time To Clean Some More.

We don’t just remove obstructions from dryer vents and ducts, we clean the entire system from entry to end points. It is very common for animals to seek shelter in these dryer duct vents. When they do, they leave behind bacteria and viruses. Therefor we don’t just clean, we also sanitize and disinfect. 

Multi-Unit Dryer Vent Cleaning

Our multi-dryer vent cleaning system allows your dryer units to operate more safely and efficiently while removing hidden fire hazards caused by lint, debris, and other material in the vent system. 

Professional cleaning for all types of buildings and businesses that have multiple dyers. 

• Apartment Buildings

• Condominiums

• Dormitories

• Daycare Centers

• Senior Homes

• Medical Centers

• Laundromats

• Hotels & Motels

• Linen Rental

• Salons & Spas

• Restaurants

• Pet Care Facilities

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