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3 Reasons To Call LONG ISLAND’S BEST Dryer Vent Cleaning Company.

1. Prevent A Fire:

Inspect to prevent fire hazards and keep family, pets and home safe. 

dryer vent cleaning long island

2. Clothes Drying Slow:

Your clothes are not drying as fast as they used to.

3. Annual Cleaning:

Yearly vent cleaning and inspection

(per manufacturers manual) 


Coming To The Rescue To Clean Dryer Vents Everywhere On Long Island.

In most cases, an owner/operator can get to your home in the same day. Emergency service is what we provide on a daily basis.

Honest: There are never any hidden charges. We inspect your system and furnish you with an accurate flat-rate estimate and a 100% guarantee. We even educate you on what needs to be done and why.


Thorough: We’re not just about speed. We have seen all types of dryer vents so we know what to expect and therefor have the experience to provide both efficiency and speed. Thorough also means a complete clean up upon finishing.

Keeping Long Island Safe With Dryer Vent Cleaning Discounts.

They don't only save you money but can also help you save on utility bills and prevent potential property damage.

New Client Special
FREE Inspection.
Call for details.

15% Group Discounts
for HOA, Neighborhood, Community, Apartments, Condos And More.

10% OFF
for Seniors and Military


Refer friends & family and get a $25 Amazon gift card each time someone new gets their dryer vents cleaned.

Inspect, Clean, Repair Or Replace Your Dryer Vents

Removing lint alone is not good enough.

Learn what your dryer requires to perform correctly, what the signs of a faulty vent is and how it can hurt your dryer. 

Save every month on your utility bill.

Vents and ducts that need cleaning force dryers to work harder to move lint to the end point. This results in a higher utility bill, every month.

New installation, repair and replace.

Whether you need a section replaced or a entirely new dryer vent system installed, All Island will minimize the risk of dryer fire.

Using the proper dryer venting material makes all the difference.

All Island Dryer Vent Solutions only uses venting and duct materials that keep your system flowing. These materials limit the accumulation of lint and moisture. Check your venting system. If it is built with plastic or foil hoses, contact us for a free inspection in Long Island regarding potential fire hazards, carbon monoxide or mold growth.

Hazardous Venting Material: Plastic & Foil

Proper Venting Material: Semi-Rigid & Rigid

How your dryer vent COULD look.

How your dryer vent SHOULD look.

If it's not clean, this is how it CAN look.

We've see dryer vents in Nassau & Suffolk Long Island clog up with lint and debris faster than you think. Of course you can clean the lint tray but you can't see what inside your vents. Vents can be 50 ft long so have them inspected, cleaned and repaired. All Island Dryer Vent Solutions will show you exactly what condition your system is in. Call today for an appointment.

When was the last time you had your dryer vents inspected and cleaned?

It is important that your facilities and/or home dryer is fire hazard free. All dryer manufacturers require cleaning for safety and longevity. To keep your system safe and efficient, inspection and cleaning should be performed every 6 months to a year, depending on the amount of usage. Contact us today.

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